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DJ Willie Dynamite (fka) Harry Bellyfonte

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, now residing in Miami Beach (as of 2016), Willie Dynamite’s favorite pastime as a child had nothing to do with toys and everything to do with music. Listening to the local NY radio stations like WBLS and KISS FM captivated Willie from the start. Once his uncle (DJ Sonny D) taught him how to mix he was hooked! He started an official DJ crew and they played for their sixth, seventh, and eighth grade parties leaving the students and staff stunned at their ability to move the crowd through the music they played.

When he entered High School, DJ Scratch (EPMD) introduced him to the man who would become his mentor in music, a man with whom he now refers to as his "Sensei," Super DJ Clark Kent. Clark Kent taught him the keys to selecting the right song and introducing new music without breaking the flow to a party. He provided him the structure to compliment his natural talents. Willie recollects one occasion when DJ Clark Kent let him play a reggae set at Aaron Hall of Guy's Birthday Party in 1990. After coming off of the wheels he overheard someone say to Clark "Why don't you let your man keep going?" Willie turned around only to find that the comment had come from "Heavy D." After a few more gigs with Clark Kent he began to develop his own style and party format and it was at that point he realized he was ready to venture out on his own.

DJ Willie Dynamite was born!

Spinning as a Hip Hop DJ he began to show his true versatility when he was asked to join NYC’s infamous Reggae sound "Soundproof International" (NYC). Soundproof has played alongside NYC’s hottest DJ’s including Self & Will (Da Union) Kulcha, Goldfinger, Ace, SNS & Mister Cee from the world famous Roxy’s, the Brooklyn Museum and everywhere in between!


"it's not what you play, but how you play it!"

That's the difference between someone who "plays music" and a "DJ!"